Analytics for Investigation of Disease Outbreaks (AIDO)


Situational awareness, or the understanding of elemental components of an event with respect to both time and space, is critical for public health decision-makers during an infectious disease outbreak. AIDO is a web-based tool designed to contextualize incoming infectious disease information during an unfolding event for decision-making purposes.


Analytics for the Investigation of Disease Outbreaks (AIDO) is a web-based tool designed to enhance a user’s understanding of unfolding infectious disease events. A representative library of over 650 outbreaks across a wide selection of diseases allows similar outbreaks to be matched to the conditions entered by the user. These historic outbreaks contain detailed information on how the disease progressed as well as what measures were implemented to control its spread, allowing for a better understanding within the context of other outbreaks.

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January, 2018

January 25, 2018

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The National Syndromic Surveillance Program (NSSP) is a collaboration among states and public health jurisdictions that contribute data to the BioSense Platform, public health practitioners who use local syndromic surveillance systems, Center for Disease Control and Prevention programs, other federal agencies, partner organizations, hospitals, healthcare professionals, and academic institutions.

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