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This is a preliminary Chronic Pain-Related Syndrome, created to search relevant ICD10 and a few key terms in emergency department visits in ESSENCE. The codes and terms are specific to non-cancer related chronic pain with exclusions of cases receiving cancer-related ICD10.

ICD10 codes were selected by translating the following ICD9 codes for Chronic Pain contained in this PDF (

into ICD10 using the ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM General Equivalence Mappings (GEMS) file from CMS found here (


The syndrome is intended for use in the CCDD field.

We are currently looking at translating this to SNOMED, but have not had the time to do this yet. This will be updated once that code is completed.

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ICD10 - F45.42, G44.209, G89.21, G89.22, G89.28, G89.29, G89.4, M35.3, M43.27, M43.28, M47.814, M47.817, M53.2X7, M53.3, M54.08, M54.14, M54.15, M54.16, M54.17, M54.5, M54.89, M54.9, S23.9XX, S33.5XX, S33.6XX, S33.8XX, and S33.9XX

Terms - Pain Disorder, Chronic Pain, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Low Back Pain, Dorsalgia

Negations - C00-C99, D00-D49, and D3A


(F45.42 or F4542 or G44.209 or G44209 or G89.21 or G89.22 or G89.28 or G89.29 or G89.4 or G8921 or G8922 or G8928 or G8929 or G894 or M35.3 or M353 or M43.27 or M43.28 or M4327 or M4328 or M47.814 or M47.817 or M47814 or M47817 or M53.2X7 or M53.3 or M532X7 or M533 or M54.08 or M54.14 or M54.15 or M54.16 or M54.17 or M54.5 or M54.89 or M54.9 or M5408 or M5414 or M5415 or M5416 or M5417 or M545 or M5489 or M549 or S23.9XX or S239XX or S33.5XX or S33.6XX or S33.8XX or S33.9XX or S335XX or S336XX or S338XX or S339XX or (pain AND disorder) or (chronic AND pain ) or (polymyalgia AND rheumatica) or (low AND back AND PAIN) or dorsalgia) ANDNOT (C[0-9][0-9] or C7[AB] or D[0-4][0-9] or D3A)

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Kansas Board of Pharmacy
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May 04, 2018

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