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A step-wise article on developing this syndrome definition can be found in the April 2019 NSSP Update https://www.cdc.gov/nssp/news.html

This syndrome is an initial attempt at an improved Drowning and Submersion query in NSSP ESSENCE. It was developed starting with the existing ESSENCE SubSyndrome for DrowningOrSubmersion.

Work for this query was done in the CCQV data to ensure it works across the most syndromic surveillance jurisdictions. It is intended to work in Emergency Department data and was developed in the CCDD (Chief Complaint and Discharge Diagnosis Combo) field.

There's a lot of room for specific types of drowning events or bodies of water in your region. This syndrome work also did not assess SNOMED codes.

This syndrome gives interesting seasonal trends with a sharp incline starting near the end of April and a peak occurring the first week of July. Following the July peak, the trend slowly declines into the winter months with a baseline of around 50 visits per week. This trend show some consistency across HHS Regions.
Six separate weeks of CCQV data (Jan–Nov 2018) were randomly selected and visits manually reviewed. We selected MMWR weeks 1, 13, 17, 19, 27, and 32, and visits for the 6 weeks totaled 1,205. Of these visits, 1,156 (96%) were deemed true positives, 44 (4%) were likely false positives, and 5 visits were undetermined.


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(,^DROWN^,andnot,(,^FEEL^DROWN^,or,^FELT^DROWN^,),),or,(,(,^NOTE^,or,^FOUND^,),and,^BOTTOM^,and,^POOL^,),or,(,(,(,^UNDER^WATER^,),or,(,^WATER^,and,^INHAL^,),),and,(,^TUB^,or,^POOL^,or,^BATH^,or,^SWIM^,or,^LAKE^,or,^POND^,or,^OCEAN^,or,^WAVE^,),),or,(,^[;/ ]W16.__1^,or,^[;/ ]W22.041^,or,^[;/ ]T75.1^,or,^[;/ ]W16[0-9]_1^,or,^W16.[49]1X^,or,^W16[49]1X^,or,^[;/ ]W22041^,or,[;/ ]^T751^,or,^[;/ ]Y21^,or,^[;/ ]X71^,or,^[;/ ]V90^,or,^W6[579]^,or,^[;/ ]W7[34]^,or,^[;/ ]X92^,or,^[;/ ]V92^,)

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April 10, 2019

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