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  • Why the syndrome was created?
    • Track food poisoning and potential disease outbreaks due to infected food 
  • Syndromic surveillance system (e.g., ESSENCE, R STUDIO, RODS, etc.)
    • ESSENCE 
  • Data sources the syndrome was used on (e.g., Emergency room, EMS, Air Quality, etc.)
    • Patient Location Full Details 
  • Fields used to query the data (e.g., Chief Complaint, Discharge Diagnosis, Triage Notes, etc.)
    • CCandDD
Surveillance System: 
Syndrome Definition: 

^food poisoning^,OR,^[;/ ]T6291XA^,OR,^[;/ ]T62.91XA^,OR,^[;/ ]A09^,OR,^[;/ ]A045^,OR,^[;/ ]A04.5^,OR,^[;/ ]A485^,OR,^[;/ ]A48.5^,OR,^[;/ ]B9621^,OR,^[;/ ]B96.21^,OR,^[;/ ]A071^,OR,^[;/ ]A07.1^,OR,^[;/ ]B251^,OR,^[;/ ]B25.1^,OR,^[;/ ]A32^,OR,^[;/ ]A08^,OR,^[;/ ]A029^,OR,^[;/ ]A02.9^,OR,^[;/ ]A03^,OR,^[;/ ]B956^,OR,^[;/ ]B95.6^,OR,^[;/ ]B9682^,OR,^[;/ ]B96.82^,OR,^[;/ ]A05^

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Wisconsin Department of Health Services
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October 04, 2018

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