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Materials associated with the Analytic Solutions for Real-Time Biosurveillance: Reportable Disease Cluster Detection in the Context of Sporadic Adoption of PCR-based Diagnostic Tests consultancy call held May 3, at 12 pm ET.

Problem Summary

Dr. Sharon Greene, Director of the Data... Read more

Content type: Use Case

To immediately monitor disease outbreaks, the application of laboratory-based surveillance is more popular in recent years. Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (TCDC) has developed LARS to collect the laboratory-confirmed cases caused by any of 20 pathogens daily via automated submitting of... Read more

Content type: Abstract

The success of public health campaigns in decreasing or eliminating the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases can be undermined by media content influencing vaccine hesitancy in the population. A tool for tracking and describing the ever-growing platforms for such media content can help decide... Read more

Content type: Abstract

In 2014, a dengue outbreak affected northern Mexico and travel-associated dengue cases increased in southern Arizona. While Arizona has not detected a local dengue case, local transmission occurred in Nogales, Sonora, sister city of Nogales, Arizona across the border. The detection of the Aedes... Read more

Content type: Case Study

Since April 2012, an integrated syndromic surveillance system in rural China (ISSC) has been established in health facilities in two rural counties of Jiangxi Province, China [1]. The objective of ISSC is to integrate syndromic surveillance with conventional case report system for the early... Read more

Content type: Abstract

In the South East Asia Region (SEAR), infectious disease continues to be a leading cause of death. SEAR countries, like Vietnam, are also at risk for outbreaks of emerging diseases due to high population density, proximity to animals and deforestation. Given Vietnam’s location in SEAR and its... Read more

Content type: Abstract

On Monday, August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast. Outside of the affected areas of TX, LA, MS, and AL, GA received the largest number of these evacuees, approximately 125,000. By August 30, 2005, GA began receiving a total of approximately 1,300 NDMS patients from flights... Read more

Content type: Abstract

Disease screening facilitates the reduction of disease prevalence in two ways: (1) by preventing transmission and (2) allowing for treatment of infected individuals. Hospitals choosing an optimal screening level must weigh the benefits of decreased prevalence against the costs of screening and... Read more

Content type: Abstract

Use for the Analytic Solutions for Real-Time Biosurveillance: Infectious Disease Forecast Modeling consultancy held October 29-30, 2015 in Falls Church, Virginia.

Problem Summary

New efforts are underway to design and evaluate forecasting models for diseases such as dengue and... Read more

Content type: Use Case

As part of this surveillance study for Avian Influenza both active and passive surveillance samples were tested using PCR and also utilized to validate the LAMP method. Active surveillance samples include pathological material and tracheal and cloacal swabs from ill poultry, which were... Read more

Content type: Abstract


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